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Sunday, February 15, 2015
TL;DR. Gaming Is Dead, and if behavior on the net, The marketplaces and businesses changes, The industry fails. Epic. Our Behaviors depends on how we change gaming are in this world and how we react.

Easy Come, Easy Cum. LULZ. I know that feeling too much. Lemme say my two cents about this industry in Video Games. I know, this is my second time talking about games, but I'm looking down at my keyboard , and not focusing on the screen, because it sucks, so I'm good.

Today, I would love to say in this industry, there are a whole lot of money hogging, and lot of companies are going south because of it, and it's going nowhere, very fast. I'm saying this because I would like to say this to the millions of people who come to my personal blog, because it's not that much, but this will do. Normally I don't write in that nature, but today, I have to bring this down to a boil.

THQ, Akklaim, many major and indie companies who are bankrupt in their needs are worse than ever, and I have to keep this down to a boil. Redundancy alert. If companies gets worse like a broken record, SEGA will cease to exist. Companies coming out of Bankruptcy will cease to resist the ban hammer from America, the target country where taxes for companies are going to the grease-pole to hell in a hell basket very fast.

The ends justify the means when companies are suffering about their failing products instead of listening to the fans and put the trust to them. Sonic will not be around to see the next year if they are not listening to their fans and fix their buggy games and stop double-downing their employees. I hate arguing with individuals who bring Straw-man-type arguments about girl gamers. It's not going to win their argument, and neither are them.

The ingredient for a good game is their fans. do whatever they ask of you, and you shall receive the benefit of revenue instead of making male and female gamers suffer for uploading material, for example, Nintendo Creators Program is a bad idea from the start, and I believe that companies does this type of practice will make gamers who make their income from their YouTube channels to suffer in the weight of fans who just wanna show the final product off on their channel.

To women who see desirable fans, I just want to say, that your tits does not matter. E-Girls needs to know, you don't need to show off your body to get views, or put thumbnails just to get favor to get drama from mentally Ill Trolls who call other men faggots because they are not man enough.

A Real Man does not drink beer and hangout with your buddies, It's the opposite. A Real Man is a strong and working men who is not lazy. That is caring to other people and not break each other down. What a bunch of wimps that Gamers are. Saying bad things to women on Twatter because they want attention. I love women, but I don't do the things that others do.

A Real Woman is not lusting on to other people, but being the best woman that you can. Be comfortable under your skin, and know that you don't have to show off just to be in a toxic relationship, It just nonsense, and it's worse to many men and women in the industry. Drama after Drama after Drama. It's getting worse and it makes it bad on the Gaming community. I just want it to be back what it was before the internet, just have fun, not drama. May the Truth will always be on fire.
Tuesday, December 30, 2014

If you have receive Kernel errors INVALID_PROCESS_ATTACH_ATTEMPT (0x00000005) or a certain type of Kernel Error, such as KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR (0x0000007A), and don’t have any Driver problems whatsoever, or any beyond your control, the problem is your Hard Drive. You might as well then run for the hills, guys. Really. Here are a few simple tips so that you can rescue your computer.

  1. Always backup your Computer so you can get the Bad sectors out in order to attempt to repair it. In some cases, this can be accessed by right clicking Properties > Tools > Error-checking and click Check Now.  You should check the prompt Automatically fix file system errors. Be default it will ask you to restart your computer, if you want to do that, otherwise, uncheck it and check Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. If you completed it and said that you have no problems with the computer, chances are that your computer is acting up funny. If you have installed a Hard Drive program to monitor your computer, you will receive errors that will mess up your Computer.
  2. If the system  gives you an BSOD at any time, you will have to negotiate you problems, chances are, you will have to get a new hard drive and a new copy of Windows 7 (If you can find it). New and fresh copies of Windows 8 and 8.1 are available. Microsoft will give you fits when installing Windows 7 or 8 without entering a valid code to activate Windows indeed, it’s up to you. It will be on you to choose the cheapest way to reinstall Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft will crack down on you if you are using an invalid copy of any copy of Windows if you use a certain ISP providers, i.e. Pirate Copy of Windows. Chances are you will get in trouble with the law, so be careful.
  3. My suggestion to you, if you want to run your computer or laptop down to pieces, ignore it. Do not repair your computer like an idiot thinking that it will work. If you want to invest a couple $500USD on your next purchase of a hard drive, a new copy of Windows 8 and tools to assemble and resemble your computer, do so, BUT don’t choose the cheap way. Save up some bucks to do it and be smart.
  4.  And Good luck! You will need all that you can! If all else fails, just but a new Computer or laptop.
Wednesday, December 24, 2014

That point when you are at your last foot and you want to loose your pants and show your body to the world and say "I'm the king of big black cock!" Well that point haven't got to me yet.

I know I got a account that I haven't updated in a long time, so I might add well keep it short. I WAS THINKING ABOUT THAT ANYWAY!!!

I am spending some time with some relatives on Christmas day when I was a little lad. The place for overwhelming and I felt camera shy. Yep, as parents you are forced to go to the outings, you was forced to go to the family reunions, and yes, you were forced to go to see family members for some odd time. I was punished for not getting in to the camera shot. Yes, I was forced to do that. I'm not going into that kind of rage of it, because it was the truth.

Yes,I was shy for photos, now that I'm more older and wiser, photos after arriving to show family members that you have growned up to be a wise nugget with your own house, and fancy automobile.

When I'm forced to take a photo out of pressure of family members to send on my smartphone, they want to see you so they can process that image in thier mind off what they see you as. It feels kind of creepy. Well that's my rant for now. Happy Christmas and a happy shy New year!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Credit: Don't we love Reddit?
Difficulty: Hard (as Life Itself)

I haven’t been around much about games since I am out an about, but when you have a little time for yourself (and Your Laptop, hoping it’s not a bunch of bloat in it) The Sims™ Virgin Challenge is for you. Think that you are saving yourself for marriage? Think again! This is an opposite challenge I decided to do because I have so many things to do while I’m out, but I know why I am doing this—to make it harder for them to move on.

Remember: Your Sims are making babies for the Lord.

Here are The Rules of this Challenge.

1.      No Mods or Cheats (Do It Plain. Exception: Clothes, Makeup and Hairs.)
2.      In The Sims™ 4, there are less features to play with and no mods to play with, so it’s safe. If there are mods, play it vanilla. Do not use ToggleDeath to make them invincible.
3.      Set The Aging process to “Normal” because you want them to die normally without cheating. (For Both the Sims™ 3 and The Sims™ 4. NO EXCEPTIONS!)
4.      Make a Guy/Girl Sim. Female sims are harder if you change their traits slightly (Anything Goes.) Must be Young Adult.
5.      Use the “Ask To Move In” Feature for your future Boyfriend/Girlfriend when you are Going Steady
6.      When you are Love Interests, Girlfriend/Boyfriend or Engaged will you not WooHoo or Try for Baby whatsoever!
7.      You have to plan the wedding yourself! (No Eloping/Private Marriages)
8.      You must make at least 5 or more close friends (In the Game as your bridesmaids/Groom mates) and not have them in your family. (6 in your slot is enough to make babies only!) I stress this enough, No Mods, Such as Nraas’s mod to have more than 23 people in your household at one time. You need to make babies for the lord. After that, grow old and grey.
9.      You will be clocked on how you are doing in this challenge I have set up for you (If you do a video). I suggest doing a Let’s Play Video and calling The Sims™ Virgin Challenge to either The Sims™ 2, The Sims™ 3 or The Sims™ 4.
10.  I have just one rule. Your Adult Sims must get out of their nest. Assuming you are fine with this, I prefer them moving to a different lot and letting them fend for thierselfs. That’s why they call it “Be Fruitful and multiply”. Don’t let your kids be Cave Dwellers of society. Kick them out. They will be NPC characters when you do. See them grow up before you pass at those pearly gates.
11.  The Young Rule. In case of a sim gets really old or passes away, the youngest or next to young or only child (If you have planned to have no babies—Consider yourself non-fertile) member of the family is the only one to take care of the elderly parents, should one does get to Teen age before then and their parents turns to ashes and dust (Provided By Grim Reaper – Saving your life when You Are Dead since 2001.) the legacy family stays intact. Meaning AARP will be your friend for the rest of the parents living.

Good luck having fun, and remember It’s a challenge—unless somebody gets hurt/electrocuted/Killed off by Grim Reaper!

Monday, September 8, 2014

This blog post is a theory—my own opinion, point in simple. Even though actual information can be exasperated, some information is real. I encourage you to look it up yourself. Google is your Best Friend. The opinions expressed does not reflect the views of Google, Inc., this blog or it subsidiaries.

As in public relations, they can delay the death of a celebrity, such as James Avery, even though his death was on New Year’s Weekend, but was delayed over a full day before his death was announced, or Robin Williams who’s death was delayed to three hours to miss primetime all together, just to make a point -- to a later time, sometime from one to five days and sometimes miss TV programs, such as entertainment news magazines from saving stress announcing deaths.

As social media makes this more prevalent in these times, we all have to remember that celebrities are all human. You may idolize them, you might make them your own to watch, but they are humans. Even right down to the recent death of Joan Rivers, they are just human. You basement dwellers and fanworts who are not basement dwellers (and some homebodies
 Idolize them on your phones and your devices not knowing that they have private because they have their own life of its own. We have to think back that it’s our own lives that we faces. We are not living it through their lives. So cut the conspiracies and think about your own and that’s why we should not think about it much. Butthurt Much?